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Elisa Fox is a spirited &  introverted 20-something from the Midwest. She began The Visual Minimal in 2016 after experiencing a miscarriage while learning that creating and sharing art can sooth the soul when no one seems to know what to say. The Visual Minimal began with the Mis-Conception print, a print inspired by her short pregnancy and the pink lines on a pregnancy test. After meeting other women who have been through a loss, she widened the Infertility & Loss series and began creating other artisan goods out of the joy that came from channeling pain into art. 


Elisa was interviewed by the contributor about her miscarriage, art, and healing.



Elisa shared her story with The Contributor in March of 2017 in an effort to bring awareness and openness to the topic of miscarriages and to encourage others enduring a trial. 

To read more about her story, see the Q&A article in The Contributor titled "Minimalist designer offers hope, healing through series about miscarriages"


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